Banbury Paving and Fencing

We are a friendly Banbury based company specialising in high quality paving and fencing installations.


Having been established since 1987 we have built up a good reputation for standards of workmanship and materials.


We are often requested to bid for and carry out Insurance Claim work. Such work is dealt with as a priority in order to restore your property to good condition and allow you to enjoy the use of your facilities to the full as quickly as possible.


We also are able to provide weekly or monthly maintenance contracts to Landlords as required to suit the needs of your business.


Unlike many other contractors, once commissioned to do work we start when we say we will (weather permitting of course), and stay on site until the work is completed. In general, the only time that we will leave your site during the working day will be to collect materials or dispose of any waste product.


We are fully insured and registered with the Environment Agency for waste disposal as required under current legislation which means that any waste product generated during work on your site will be disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way at a local authority designated and authorised re-cycling site.




We can lay block paving, concrete or shingle driveways. As with all quality jobs the secret lies in the groundwork and for load bearing driveways we will always properly prepare the area, excavating to at least 200mm (8") below finished height in order to build a lasting load bearing foundation. Proper preparation means that your driveway will remain in excellent working order for many many years without need for repair or additional work. If you prefer a shingle driveway then we can also provide that on an equally sound foundation. We are happy to provide a free quotation for repairs or replacement driveways or extra parking.




Another of our specialities - we lay patios to your own design or offer to design it for you at no additional cost - an alternative which you may prefer. We have much experience of laying all types of patios using concrete paving, new natural stone, reclaimed stone paving, stone sets and brick paving so you know that we can work to your requirements with confidence.


Whatever your choice of materials and colour we will lay your patio to your exacting requirements, including provision for greenhouses, pergalo's summer houses, sheds etc. As with our driveways, proper and thorough ground preparation is the key to a good and lasting job which we pride ourselves on delivering. Your patio will be laid with the same skill and care, whether you require repairs or extensions to an existing patio, or have us provide one to your requirements.




Decking is an extremely popular choice for gardens these days. We are happy to work to your specific requirements or can produce a design to make best use of the space available. ALL timber used on your decking will be tannalised to give longer life. We always use a membrane to cover the ground below decking to prevent weed penetration. For the sloping garden decking may be the answer. Balustrading and decking lights can be incorporated into the design to enhance the overall appearance.




We supply and install garden sheds. Shed sizes vary enormously from small ones ideal for garden or general tool storage, to much larger ones suitable for use as workshops. Modern sheds are available in a wide choice of materials including timber, plastic and metal. We would always prepare a solid surface upon which to construct any shed in order to ensure that it is completely stable, which in turn leads to a long working life thus maximising on your investment.



Fencing & Gates

We offer a full fencing service including safe disposal of all waste material generated during our time at your premises to ensure that we leave the job in excellent conditon. As noted above we will quote for Insurance Work following storm damage, vehicle damage etc to your fencing areas including paving repairs where necessary.


We erect and maintain fencing and gates, close board fencing, post and panel, post and rail, chain link, steel security, picket fencing and timber products.


Last Updated: 9 April 2013
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